Day 10: T, 9/27 - Sexuality

Day 10, T, 9/27
  • Andersen, Ch4: Sexuality and Intimate Relationships
Lesson plan
  • introduce students to new site - blog posts (vintage ads)
  • introduce to students to Schedule page
  • show students Assignments page
  • show students Flipboard
  • all links to readings have been added
  • class the day before Fall Break has been cancelled
Last week's readings:
  • PPT on Theorizing Media's Influence & Social Construction of Knowledge
  • Review last week's readings on hair, Gabbi Douglass, why Wikipedia matters, why media matters 
  • How these biases translate into rules, laws, experience, and meanings for women, girls, & LGBT (particular for hair- who gets to decide "appropriate hair" that is then translated into rules - Caldwell)
  • bell hooks - the power of speaking, the power to name
Taking stock (the road so far):
  • What have you learned so far? - ask students to come up with 5 things they've learned and write them down. Look at sxg pinboard


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